What’s your ID?

How to make a significant and positive impact when working with individuals, leaders, and teams?

Chris Anthony
2 min readNov 24, 2021


I’ve been using the Instinctive Drives® System and their I.D.™ for a number of years now. And, it has been fascinating to sit back and review my personal ID and learn how I can use my ID with the team that I’m about to lead.

Here is my user story of how I intend to use the Instinctive Drives® System. Before I do that. I’d like to share two pieces of feedback I’ve received from the participant in our workshops.

I have used I.D.™ at family retreats for couples. Here is what one couple had to say:

I wish I had known this earlier, my husband and I high use verfiers. we have seen 70 houses and we can’t decide which one to buy. K.Lawrence (home owner)

Let’s see how to solve a complex business problem using the Instinctive Drives® System?

The first step is to know my ID is 7355, so what does it mean?

VERIFY (7): I need time to analyze and evaluate my findings before I make any decisions? I’d be good at complex problem-solving. I like to know beforehand the plan of attack, how we’re going to measure success, and which part of the project I’m accountable for.

AUTHENTICATE (3): I’d like some time to build relationships. I’d like you to share your intentions behind any work that you assign to me. Yes, the ‘Why’.

COMPLETE (5): I don’t go all-out to complete the work if I’m not clear about anything. You want to give me feedback and ask me what I’m thinking. You will get a lot more clarity and then I will swing into action to complete the job.

IMPROVIZE (5): Have you ever heard any say, ‘come on, tell me what you’re trying to say!’, these are the people who do not want to hear the full story. They want to see results. Sometimes (depending on the type of work) I can be detailed and I can also speak to you vividly about the end goals.

After a long QBR, one of my coworkers said this:

How is it that you achieve great results and with ease with your team, when the rest of us struggle to get to the same outcome? Manager of a large IT firm.



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