8 things to avoid doing while applying for a job

Chris Anthony
2 min readNov 24, 2021


I’ve been reviewing resumes for over 20 years. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I assisted a lot of local and foreign students. Here are some of the ideas I gleaned, and I believe they will be useful to many others who are wanting to improve their CV.

  1. Prepare your CV for a specific job. (Fitter, Apprentice, Electrician, Car Salesman) Your company will be swamped with applications and won’t have time to recommend the ideal position for you. You MUST state what you want in your job application properly.
  2. Do not send personal photos or graphics-rich applications when applying online. Use regular fonts and size up to 12, and minimize tables and symbols
  3. Keep a spare copy of a feature-rich Resume with a photo (if you like) when attending an interview (in color). Be ready to hand over to the interviewer when asked.
  4. Don’t expect the employer to respond to your ‘find me any suitable job’ request. Instead, ask what you want. For example:
  • Career Objective: To gain skills and experience in customer service in a retail environment.
  • Professional Objective: To work as an Electrical Engineer in a Multi-National Company (MNC) in a team environment.

5. Do not include your ‘GPA, etc’ attained in studies unless asked. You can mention, ‘ Quick learner with excellent academic results

6. Do not focus too much on extracurricular activities. Keep it simple because you are not asking to work as a sportsperson or in drama.

7. When mentioning ‘SKILL’ make sure you add skills that will be attractive to the employer.

  • Ability to speak multiple languages
  • Skills in Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet and Powerpoint
  • Skills in Video editing for social media

8. When mentioning ’STRENGTHS’ make sure you include the strength that you used to help others, companies, fellow students, college, etc.

  • Strong determination to achieve the best result in competitive sports
  • Discipline and punctual in organizing cultural and sports events

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